We are interested in stopping and reverting the molecular clock in human cells. By doing this, we aim to treat many human diseases where aging happens too fast, including rare diseases such as Progeria, Werner Syndrome, etc; also there are other rare diseases where some particular cells degenerate too fast following an abnormally accelerated aging molecular program, including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Advanced Medical Projects is a biotechnology company focused in telomere stabilization. Human DNA is a very long, linear double helix molecule. It is so long that a cell needs to pack it up, condense it, in much bigger molecular structures called chromosomes, to be able to handle it and controll gene expression.

Chromosomes have especial DNA structures protecting its ends from degradation, this structures are called TELOMERES. Every time one cell divides, it duplicates its DNA and each descendant cell receives an original copy. Interestingly, the molecular machinery in charge of duplicating DNA finds difficult to duplicate the TELOMERES, so after a cell divides, each daughter cell has shorter telomeres. This means that as chromosomes are passed from generation to generation of cells in human tissues, TELOMERES are shorter and shorter. This is called THE MOLECULAR CLOCK, and it is a proven aging mechanism

Though aging is a normal process, there are several diseases where it happens too fast and we are focused in generating new therapies against them. TELOMERES are maintained by a molecular complex called TELOMERASE, involving several human genes. TELOMERASE’s activity lowers as cells are older. We have found a molecule, GSE24-2, able to control TELOMERASE activity in old or sick human cells, actually resetting the MOLECULAR CLOCK. From GSE24-2 we are generating new variations, and also developing safe ways of introducing them into patient’s cells by nanotechnology.

In our portfolio, different molecules are being developed for the therapeutic and the cosmetics markets.


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